Run WOWOps ™️ with containers because why the hell not.
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Container images for the official Wownero software code compiled or downloaded to provide daemon, wallet CLI, and wallet RPC binaries.

Dockerfiles are available for building images of your choice; wownerod_nocompile can be used for fetching pre-built binaries, the wownerod_compile_* are used for fully building and compiling the C++ software.


The simplest way to get started is to use docker-compose and turn up the provided services, including the Wownero daemon, monitoring tools, and a visualization/graphing tool.

docker-compose up -d
# wownerod available at ports 34567 and 34568
# prometheus available at port 9090
# exporter (/metrics) available at port 9000
# grafana available at port 3000

You can host the node on an official DNS endpoint for public usage or keep it local for your own private usage.

Manual Daemon and Wallet Setup

The node and wallet software is in the same package, so both can be used from within the Docker container.

# build container image by fetching binaries
docker build -t wownero -f dockerfiles/wownerod_nocompile dockerfiles 

# or build container image by compiling from source (simple)
docker build -t wownero -f dockerfiles/wownerod_compile_simple dockerfiles 

# create network bridge so containers can communicate
docker network create --driver=bridge wownero

# run wownero daemon with RPC bindings
docker run -d --rm --name wownero-daemon \
  --net=wownero \
  -v daemon:/data \
  -p 34568:34568 \
   wownero \
   wownerod \
   --data-dir=/data \
   --rpc-bind-ip= \
   --confirm-external-bind \

# run wownero-wallet-cli
docker run --rm -it --name wownero-wallet \
  --net=wownero \
  -v wallet:/data \
  wownero \
  wownero-wallet-cli \
    --trusted-daemon \
    --daemon-address wownero-daemon:34568