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lza_menace 4a9f083dd7 bump to latest release 4 weeks ago
lza_menace 682d86f361 nevermind. bump nocompile dockerfile 3 months ago
lza_menace 3e57782e1d use image from dockerhub 3 months ago
lza_menace 9f865c6b4e bump compile vers to latest v0.10.0.2 3 months ago
lza_menace 1e58fb1c39 update metrics dashboard 3 months ago
lza_menace a3e9d469e3 redo some secrets 4 months ago
lza_menace 2393ddbcd4 bumping to latest release 4 months ago
lza_menace a155844421 bump to latest release 5 months ago
lza_menace d70ec893b8 increase prometheus storage retention 6 months ago
lza_menace 417ad83938 bumping to latest versions 6 months ago
lza_menace acb2c038ac bumping version and allowing compile vs fetch build opts 6 months ago
lza_menace 49f3de1ac1 fix other daemon cli args 8 months ago
lza_menace 17630f3d62 expose the right ports 8 months ago
lza_menace cd47564985 bump to latest release 8 months ago
lza_menace e100131b7d bump to latest release 9 months ago
lza_menace 9ac50e1bba fix metric title 10 months ago
lza_menace 1bbc059f00 big refactor, add makefile, update dashboard, use nocompile option 10 months ago
lza_menace 288ec0722c add release script for publishing container images 10 months ago
lza_menace 89eae30f44 bump to latest release 10 months ago
lza_menace 946b3e9cf5 make sure containers auto-restart 11 months ago
lza_menace 94e7904503 bump to latest release 11 months ago
lza_menace 4ea1291dab add more instructions to the readme and include a cool image 12 months ago
lza_menace f4fd3661fb ship exporter dockerfile to keep it local 12 months ago
lza_menace 09f25c5165 use cryptonote.social for wow default mining pool 1 year ago
lza_menace 81e6913c3e specify tag/release to clone and compile in dockerfile, bump to latest release 1 year ago
lza_menace d8ad5b7094 specify version of wownerod to use 1 year ago
lza_menace e276de99fa update default ports and set specific path 1 year ago
lza_menace 0eb1ae014f changing lines to bars for node metrics 1 year ago
lza_menace 7b525a51e2 update dashboard and rpc port bindings 1 year ago
lza_menace 23cbdbde3d Merge branch 'master' of git.wownero.com:lza_menace/docker-wownero into master 1 year ago
lza_menace 0de2953f87 drop that traefik shit and setup a badass stats exporter with pre-populated grafana dashboard and prometheus scraper 1 year ago
lza_menace 7d8b3542a8 Merge pull request 'add dependencies Dockerfile' (#1) from wowario/docker-wownero:master into master 1 year ago
wowario 8b866cb1b9
add dependencies Dockerfile 1 year ago
lza_menace 025ec0236f removing junk port ref 1 year ago
lza_menace feeec30249 set default compose file to dockerhub upstream, but keep optional local builder 1 year ago
lza_menace 61b3efc0bf adding compose file with traefik for node 1 year ago
lza_menace 9ca794ff65 adding dockerfile for compiling wownero binaries from source 1 year ago
lza_menace 3f506d843e adding dir for mining 1 year ago
lza_menace 5924430a62 Initial commit 1 year ago