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#!/bin/bash -e
# maintainer (ask me any questions): rfree
if [[ ! -r "Doxyfile" ]] ; then
echo "Error, can not read the Doxyfile - make sure to run this script from top of monero project, where the Doxyfile file is located"
exit 1
if [[ ! -w "$wwwdir" ]] ; then
echo "Error, can not write into wwwdir=$wwwdir. It should be a directory readable/connected to your webserver, or a symlink to such directory"
exit 1
if [[ ! -d "$wwwdir/doc" ]] ; then
echo "Creating subdirs"
mkdir "$wwwdir/doc"
echo "Generating:"
doxygen Doxyfile && echo "Backup previous version:" && rm -rf ~/monero-www-previous && mv "$wwwdir/doc" ~/monero-www-previous && cp -ar doc/ "$wwwdir/" && echo "Done, builded and copied to public - the doxygen docs" && echo "size:" && du -Dsh "$wwwdir/" && echo "files:" && find "$wwwdir/" | wc -l