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wowario 07e4356090 update systemd service file 5 months ago
apparmor initial commit 3 months ago
build_scripts depends, docker: fix bintray links 4 months ago
gpg_keys initial commit 3 months ago
logs network: log traffic and add a simple traffic analysis script 2 years ago
munin_plugins Update copyright year to 2020 2 years ago
python-rpc python-rpc: add missing python api for new freeze/thaw/frozen RPC 3 months ago
systemd update systemd service file 3 months ago
translations translations: fix "monero_" prefix when taking languages from file 2 years ago
.gitignore year updated in license 7 years ago cleaning up, removing redundant files, renaming, fixing incorrect licenses 7 years ago vote by block 3 months ago