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    Hallucenogenic Hypnotoad

    jwinterm released this 2 years ago | 689 commits to master since this release

    This release includes many improvements from upstream Monero, including the incorporation of Dandelion++. This release is not a required hardfork.

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    06a901afff5177d6b43788cf9fbd1d47deb10e610c6d823426fb50acd18502ce wownero_Linux_v0.8.tar.xz
    11f1041ed5748e31a2248d4ab452e83684ee0f4e3f7eca3edb1aed255e1c2eff wownero_macOS_v0.8.dmg
    c6d47f722e7834f0cdbd6184cc051585f8b1daca68e0b4c365f610ac0f21c672 wownero_win64_v0.8.zip

    Installing from a package

    • Arch Linux/Manjaro

        yay -S wownero-git