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    F is for Fappening

    wowario released this 3 years ago | 1884 commits to master since this release

    • Implement new PoW based on RandomWOW that has a smaller scratchpad for hashing, 1MB instead of 2MB, and 16 chained VM executions per hash to increase program compilation cost for everything that's not a CPU.
    • More efficient RingCT format
    • New block weight algorithm
    • Randomize churn time for churn command
    • Tor/I2P proxy support
    • Blockchain pruning
    • Many, many bug fixes ripped off from our good friends upstream

    We will fork on 14 June, block 114969. There will be no support for pools or mining software. To solo mine, follow these directions

    • start ./wownerod (wownerod.exe)
    • once synced to network, start ./wownero-wallet-cli (wownero-wallet-cli.exe), create new wallet, write down your 25 word mnemonic seed and keep it safe
    • copy your wallet address and exit wownero-wallet-cli
    • in wownerod, enter start_mining YOUR_ADDRESS NUMBER_THREADS
    • type show_hr to see hash rate


    • tevador - driving force for taking hyc's idea from random-program based PoW to fruition
    • SChernykh - contributed significantly to the design of RandomX
    • hyc - original idea of using random code execution for PoW
    • nioroso-x3 - provided access to PowerPC for testing purposes

    Please consider donating to help cover the development cost of the RandomX algorithm.

    Author's XMR address: