• Stable v0.10.0.2 cdb068cd0b

    Junkie Jeff Point Release v0.10.0.2

    wowario released this 3 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    updated checkpoints, resolves difficulty drift bug seen when node is up for more than 7 days post-fork.

    If your node is being blocked or won't sync, try deleting the blockchain folder (.wownero) and resyncing from 0 before running the updated wownerod.

    d9402ca2a71809c51499aab41772ef5052cd5a84256883e88997a5ab7a00c848  wownero_Linux_v0.10.0.2-cdb068cd0b.tar.xz
    c9cb2ce470d571c119f721c9dfb1b299af33510487717728ff890154085aedb9  wownero_macOS_v0.10.0.2-9da6e41b98.zip

    yes, yes... windows binaries soon.