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jwinterm 929395151e Merge pull request 'update links and current supply' (#47) from wowario/wownero.org-website:master into master 1 month ago
wowario d89af3e6d0
update wallets and links 1 month ago
wowario a564d0a9c0
current supply 1 month ago
wowario 24d9a4818d
update emission 1 month ago
dsc 4d3b118d65 Merge pull request 'Added YellowPages and new block-explorer' (#46) from muchwowmining/wownero.org-website_changes:master into master 9 months ago
NotMtth 65b8bbd1a0 Added YellowPages and new block-explorer 9 months ago
dsc 86b8f7097a Merge pull request 'self host static assets' (#44) from dsc/wownero.org-website:self-host-static-assets into master 9 months ago
dsc 4d0f9cd92c self host static assets 9 months ago
dsc 89fae50199 Merge pull request 'Remove web stash wallet' (#43) from dsc/wownero.org-website:remove-wow-stash into master 9 months ago
dsc 2269d773e1 Remove web stash wallet 9 months ago
dsc ec3b9b6856 Merge pull request 'Make the website more compact' (#42) from dsc/wownero.org-website:compact into master 9 months ago
dsc 5ae984d2de Make the website more compact 9 months ago
jwinterm 51a79c4f7b Merge pull request 'Auto translation based on user browser language' (#41) from muchwowmining/wownero.org-website_withtranslations:master into master 10 months ago
NotMtth 54615b16f8 Added traslations in Italian, Russian (just implemented) and template 10 months ago
NotMtth 9d8047d5e5 Added translation.js in js directory 10 months ago
NotMtth f13a42a3c9 Replaced index 10 months ago
NotMtth 23f373a924 Replacing index 10 months ago
root 4b19e3276d Merge branch 'master' of git.wownero.com:wownero/wownero.org-website 10 months ago
root 374b8a9e37 start add russian 10 months ago
wowario 074570bf6e Merge pull request 'remove team and advisors section' (#40) from disband-team into master 10 months ago
lza_menace 849584a258 remove team and advisors section 10 months ago
root 65bbd1ea88 fix suchwow link 1 year ago
wowario 82a249167e
add back wonerujo 1 year ago
wowario 6d638774ef
update site 1 year ago
wowario 49c22fc094 update emission 1 year ago
wowario 70a66cc1f9 Merge pull request 'aloha pools' (#38) from wowario/wownero.org-website:index into master 1 year ago
wowario b1d82ee18d
aloha pools 1 year ago
wowario ca402aa5c4 Merge pull request 'add oftc' (#34) from wowario/wownero.org-website:irc into master 1 year ago
wowario 1d1dc9e574 Merge pull request 'meme, roadmap, forum title' (#37) from qvqc/wownero.org-website:master into master 1 year ago
qvqc 7bfc753fdf
title fix on forum link 1 year ago
qvqc e67b751814
add roadmap 1 year ago
qvqc 93fbbf70fa
meme change 2 years ago
wowario 60ce6ffb0b
add oftc 2 years ago
dsc 31b8d5656b replacing image 2 years ago
dsc c5eb915e60 sue me 2 years ago
dsc e087454943 wtf bro 2 years ago
dsc 27c3133f90 Fix navbar 2 years ago
dsc e2adab2749 Merge pull request 'redesign by cisme' (#33) from dsc/wownero.org-website:redesign into master 2 years ago
dsc ea1a1872a7 redesign by cisme 2 years ago
dsc 7eb87dac8e Merge pull request 'NGUWG' (#32) from wowario/wownero.org-website:telescam into master 2 years ago
wowario 510bf74320
NGUWG 2 years ago
dsc 966ea57009 Merge pull request 'rename mobile wallet' (#29) from wowario/wownero.org-website:mobile into master 2 years ago
dsc d0ada12d63 Merge pull request 'add how to volunteer section' (#30) from wowario/wownero.org-website:crew into master 2 years ago
wowario b3615767ef
add how to volunteer section 2 years ago
wowario aacffb1eb7
rename mobile wallet 2 years ago
dsc 2a1266afc6 Merge pull request 'add mobile wallet link' (#26) from wowario/wownero.org-website:mobile into master 2 years ago
dsc e5d1d27c9f Merge pull request 'update links' (#27) from wowario/wownero.org-website:links into master 2 years ago
dsc b3bd41ff09 Merge pull request 'update supply' (#28) from wowario/wownero.org-website:supply into master 2 years ago
dsc 7b36ca290e Merge pull request 'update intro' (#25) from wowario/wownero.org-website:intro into master 2 years ago
wowario 730d0de3fc
update links 2 years ago