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dsc 62add16c0a Merge pull request 'Index page rework' (#13) from graphics into master 8 months ago
NotMtth 715c566fa4 -a 8 months ago
NotMtth 0ab5d57ad2 Merge branch 'graphics' of https://git.wownero.com/wownero/YellWOWPages into graphics 8 months ago
NotMtth 19b845aa74 Added last svg and path fixes 8 months ago
NotMtth 7b6c17892d Update 'README.md' 8 months ago
NotMtth 0bc1d429b3 Index page changes 8 months ago
dsc 881bc61140 Merge pull request 'Disallow annoying chars' (#12) from strict-usernames into master 8 months ago
dsc 4c2c955ee3 Disallow annoying chars 8 months ago
dsc c9b0b4287a Merge pull request 'Fix address submission' (#11) from fix-addr-submission into master 8 months ago
dsc 17ac484eae Fix address submission 8 months ago
dsc dc2e24c1e8 Merge pull request 'Support address removal and reduce min. search length to 1' (#10) from min-len-1-and-remove-addy into master 8 months ago
dsc 6d86bf77e7 The ability to remove address and reduce min. search length to 1 (thanks keycloak!) 8 months ago
dsc 5fc91af0a4 Merge pull request 'Address format check' (#9) from muchwowmining/YellWOWPages:master into master 8 months ago
NotMtth e879f39c48 Regex address check 8 months ago
NotMtth 5b719029ee Address format check 8 months ago
dsc 1765bcdd12 Merge pull request 'lower() the searches' (#4) from lowercase-search into master 9 months ago
dsc d7ce4c9283 lower() the searches 9 months ago
dsc 0dc31d47b2 Merge pull request 'Some improvements to the navbar' (#2) from nav-improvements into master 9 months ago
dsc 5763e38f0a Some improvements to the navbar 9 months ago
NotMtth fe588a77da Update 'yellow/templates/base.html' That was ugly for mobile users 9 months ago
dsc 5af725f58d return 404 when user cannot be found 9 months ago
dsc 9a51c3c4fb Ignore accounts without address, add user page 9 months ago
dsc cc0c35814f Update URLs 9 months ago
dsc b13f03855d turn search into include, limit user results, minimum term search 2, show date of address addition 9 months ago
dsc 37208b102b dont show dashboard in nav menu when not logged in 9 months ago
dsc 3633cfe697 no search results message 9 months ago
dsc f809ebb70c redirect to dashboard after login 9 months ago
dsc 67f4c34604 Rewrite to Quart web-framework, refactor code. 9 months ago
NotMtth 6b300fd304 Commit 9 months ago