fucking with some rust gui booshit
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This is a GUI client that allows you to facilitate p2p swap requests between XMR and WOW.

It optionally allows you to lurk in IRC, chat with anons, run/manage nodes (wip), and stream WOW!Radio.

It includes an embedded Tor process for easy tunneling over Tor.

This is a prototype application for the time being. Expect bugs/quirks.

How it (will) (maybe) Work(s)

IRC is the medium of p2p swapping. Similar to #otc trades, except with a little more user friendly controls.

It is not an atomic swap and caution will need to be taken when initiating swaps with strangers.

When you wish to initiate a swap (i.e. you have WOW and want XMR or vice-versa):

  • Run the client
  • Click "Request Swap"
    • A notice is sent to an IRC channel where other clients will "see" the request
    • Other clients will be able to easily "Fund Swap"
  • Wait for a participant TBD - TODO

The GUI will connect to a given IRC server and channel