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Documentation for developers

Feather is developed primarily on Linux. It uses Qt 5.15.* and chances are that your distro's package manager has a lower version. It is therefore recommended that you install Qt manually using the online installer, which can be found here: (under open-source).

Jetbrains Clion

Feather was developed using JetBrains Clion since it integrates nicely with CMake and comes with a built-in debugger. To pass CMake flags to CLion, go to File->Settings->Build->CMake, set Build Type to Debug and set your preferred CMake options/definitions.



apt install -y git cmake libqrencode-dev build-essential cmake libboost-all-dev \
miniupnpc libunbound-dev graphviz doxygen libunwind8-dev pkg-config libssl-dev \
libzmq3-dev libsodium-dev libhidapi-dev libnorm-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libpgm-dev \
libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler libgcrypt20-dev

Mac OS

brew install boost zmq openssl libpgm miniupnpc libsodium expat libunwind-headers \
protobuf libgcrypt qrencode ccache cmake pkgconfig git


After installing Qt you might have a folder called /home/$user/Qt/. You need to pass this to CMake via the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH definition. For me this is:


There are some Monero/Feather related options/definitions that you may pass:

  • -DXMRTO=OFF - disable Xmr.To feature
  • -DXMRIG=OFF - disable XMRig feature
  • -DTOR_BIN=/path/to/tor - Embed a Tor executable inside Feather
  • -DDONATE_BEG=OFF - disable the dreaded donate requests



If you have OpenSSL installed in a custom location, try:


I prefer also enabling verbose makefiles, which may be useful in some situations.


Enable debugging symbols:



It's best to install Tor locally as a service and start Feather with --use-local-tor, this prevents the child process from starting up and saves time.


apt install -y tor
sudo service tor start

Mac OS

brew install tor
brew services start tor

To skip the wizards and open a wallet directly use --wallet-file:

./feather --use-local-tor --wallet-file /home/user/Monero/wallets/bla.keys

It is recommended that you use --stagenet for development. Testnet is also possible, but you'll have to provide Feather a testnet node of your own.