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This project could use a rename :/

The objective of this project is to provide fast cryptographic operations for Monero wallets. Unfortunately, there isn't necessarily a single fastest library for all platforms - donna64 for instance likely performs poorly when cross-compiled to asm.js or 32-bit arm. This project mitigates this issue by copying the cryptographic libraries with as little changes as possible (ideally zero), and then provides smaller and easier to audit "glue" functions that use the cryptographic library to perform typical Monero wallet tasks. These "glue" functions are often not obvious to the typical developer (otherwise they would be using the cryptographic libraries already), however auditing these functions should be straightforward to anyone familar with how the cryptography works.

The project is also designed to be used in-tree in other projects or installable on a system. The default Monero wallets use the in-tree implementation which serve as a more complex example of its usage. The project directory structure:

  • crypto_sign - whose name is taken from supercop. The code in here is from upstream cryptographic libraries with minimal changes (position independent ASM).
  • include - The only files that should be included by external projects, with the exception of the auto-generated header.
  • src - Contains all of the glue functions and build code.
  • functions.cmake - The raw components for building the library. Used by the default Monero wallet.
  • intree.cmake - Creates a cmake library target monero-crypto-intree and generates a header at <BUILD_LOCATION>/include/monero/crypto.h.
  • CMakeLists.txt - Declares a new project for creating/installing a shared or static monero-crypto library.

Downstream projects cannot currently use this project without also using the monero-project/monero/src/crypto/crypto.h functions - specifically crypto::derivation_to_scalar. So currently this project provides performance enhancements but not standalone usage.


Every cryptographic library implements the same function signatures but with unique namespaces to avoid collisions in the C symbol table. Downstream projects can either use a specific library and header file OR dynamically select a library and use a cmake generated header that uses macro replacement to reference the selected library. Since each library has unique symbol names, multiple can be used simulatenously (benchmarking, etc).

C Wallet Functions

Every cryptographic library implements:

  • monero_crypto_<namespace>_scalarmult(char* out, const char* pub, const char* sec) - where out is the shared secret, pub is an ed25519 public key, and sec is a user secret key. This operation is a standard ECDH operation on the ed25519 curve.
  • monero_crypto_<namespace>_generate_key_derivation(char* out, const char* tx_pub, const char* view_sec) - where out is the shared secret, tx_pub is the public key from the transaction and view_sec is the users view-key secret.
  • monero_crypto_<namespace>_generate_subaddress_public_key(char* out, const char* output_pub, const char* special_sec) - where out is the computed spend-public (primary or subaddress), output_pub is the public key from the transaction output, and special_sec is the output from crypto::derivation_to_scalar (which is given the shared secret from generate_key_derivation).

All char pointers must be exactly 32-bytes. The auto-generated header has an empty namespace for these functions and uses macro replacement to forward to the selected library. If using dynamically selected libraries, include the auto-generated header and use monero_crypto_generate_key_derivation, etc.

CMake Usage

Explicit Library Usage

A library can be selected explicitly in-tree:

monero_crypto_get_target("amd64-64-24k" CRYPTO_TARGET)

add_library(all $<OBJECT_TARGETS:${CRYPTO_TARGET}> all.cpp)
add_library(referenced referenced.cpp)
target_link_libraries(referenced ${CRYPTO_TARGET})

The all library will have all C functions in the amd64-64-24k library whereas the referenced library will only have C functions referenced in referenced.cpp.

Basic In-Tree Dynamic Usage

A library can be selected at build time in-tree:


add_library(all $<OBJECT_TARGETS:monero-crypto-intree> all.cpp)
add_library(referenced referenced.cpp)
target_link_libraries(referenced monero-crypto-intree)

The best available library for the target platform is selected which can be overriden with -DMONERO_CRYPTO_LIBRARY=amd64-51-30k or by setting the variable with the same name.

A header file is written to <BUILD_LOCATION>/include/monero/crypto.h which contains empty namespace macros that expand to the wallet functions for the selected library. Including this header file and using the empty namespace macros will allow for the crypto library to be selected dynamically.

See the explicit usage section for the difference between the all and referenced libraries.

Advanced In-Tree Dynamic Usage

See intree.cmake on how to use the individual cmake functions in your project for more control. Each of the cmake functions is documented.

Standalone Usage

Is not-yet fully functional since the crypto::derivation_to_scalar from the Monero source tree is still needed. However this is a proof-of-concept that will be useful for testing if your project does not use cmake.

Running cmake <source_path> . && make && sudo make install will autodetect the best crypto library, build it in the current directory, and then install to the default location for your system. An error is generated if your target platform does not have a supported crypto library. The auto-selected library can be overriden with -DMONERO_CRYPTO_LIBRARY=amd64-51-30k at the first cmake step. Using -DMONERO_CRYPTO_LIBRARY=invalid will generate an error that displays all available crypto libraries.