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Build Status

MoWownero - Such privacy! Many coins! Wow! 🐕

Copyright (c) 2014-2020 The Monero Project.
Portions Copyright (c) 2012-2013 The Cryptonote developers.


Blockchain Explorers

Free Public Nodes

  • (Global)
  • (US)
  • (NL)
  • (CA)
  • (DE)
  • (NL)
  • wowbuxx535x4exuexja2xfezpwcyznxkofui4ndjiectj4yuh2xheiid.onion:34568

Tor Peers

  • wowp2p5gelm6vhl2d5tvfqills63jilgy6hkvlrqljooov5ktaxgqdad.onion
  • f3moshycuklu3mb3wnlfjwn26nsgzreqtfzfuyjjk46u7jqxlhf7d5id.onion



do this: sudo apt update && sudo apt install build-essential cmake pkg-config libboost-all-dev libssl-dev libzmq3-dev libunbound-dev libsodium-dev libunwind8-dev liblzma-dev libreadline6-dev libldns-dev libexpat1-dev libpgm-dev libhidapi-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler libudev-dev git -y git clone && cd wowzero make -j2


Wownero is a privacy-centric memecoin that was fairly launched on April 1, 2018 with no pre-mine, stealth-mine or ICO. Wownero has a maximum supply of around 184 million WOW with a slow and steady emission over 50 years. It is a fork of Monero, but with its own genesis block, so there is no degradation of privacy due to ring signatures using different participants for the same tx outputs on opposing forks.

Supporting the project

Wownero is a 100% community-sponsored endeavor. Supporting services are also graciously provided by sponsors:


Developers are volunteers doing this mostly for shits and giggles. If you would like to support our shenanigans and stimulant addictions, please consider donating to WFS proposals or the dev slush fund.

Donation Addresses

WOW: Wo3JCG4kKCLBQeqF2SeNQmU9oc1Ga4e7QcjHoGYVXnHrF3rcWWba8kB5h12DHFopUUMNKC4hxyhnZ7FGAhdB2eAe38wZ98KbM

Release staging and Contributing

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Wownero's codebase!

If you have a fix or code change, feel free to submit it as a pull request. Ahead of a scheduled software upgrade, a development branch will be created with the new release version tag. Pull requests that address bugs should be made to Master. Pull requests that require review and testing (generally, optimizations and new features) should be made to the development branch. All pull requests will be considered safe until the US dollar valuation of 1 Wownero equals $1000. After this valuation has been reached, more research will be needed to introduce experimental cryptography and/or code into the codebase.

Things to Do, Work in Progress, and Help Wanted tasks are tracked in the Meta repo.

Join #wownero-dev on IRC freenode to participate in development conversation.

Scheduled software upgrades

Wownero uses a fixed-schedule software upgrade (hard fork) mechanism to implement new features. This means that users of Wownero (end users and service providers) should run current versions and upgrade their software on a regular schedule. The required software for these upgrades will be available prior to the scheduled date. Please check the repository prior to this date for the proper Wownero software version. Below is the historical schedule and the projected schedule for the next upgrade. Dates are provided in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

Software upgrade block height Date Release Name Minimum Wownero version Recommended Wownero version Details
1 2018-04-01 Awesome Akita v0.1.0.0 v0.1.0.0 Cryptonight variant 1, ringsize >= 8, sorted inputs
69,69 2018-04-24 Busty Brazzers v0.2.0.0 v0.2.0.0 Bulletproofs, LWMA difficulty algorithm, ringsize >= 10, reduce unlock to 4
53,666 2018-10-06 Cool Cage v0.3.0.0 v0.3.1.3 Cryptonight variant 2, LWMA v2, ringsize = 22, MMS
63,469 2018-11-11 Dank Doge v0.4.0.0 v0.4.0.0 LWMA v4
81,769 2019-02-19 Erotic EggplantEmoji v0.5.0.0 v0.5.0.2 Cryptonight/wow, LWMA v1 with N=144, Updated Bulletproofs, Fee Per Byte, Auto-churn
114,969 2019-06-14 F For Fappening v0.6.1.0 v0.6.1.2 RandomWOW, new block weight algorithm, slightly more efficient RingCT format
160,777 2019-11-20 Gaping Goatse v0.7.0.0 v0.7.1.0 Only allow >= 2 outputs, change to the block median used to calculate penalty, rct sigs in coinbase forbidden, 4 unlock time as protocol rule
- 2020-06-28 Hallucinogenic Hypnotoad v0.8.0.0 v0.8.0.2 Dandelion++ support
253,999 2020-10-09 Illiterate Illuminati v0.9.0.0 v0.9.1.0 Dynamic coinbase unlock (up to 1 mo.), Deterministic unlock times, Enforce maximum coinbase amount, show_qr_code wallet command, CLSAG

X's indicate that these details have not been determined as of commit date.

* indicates estimate as of commit date

Installing from a package

Packages are available for

  • Arch Linux/Manjaro

      yay -S wownero-git
  • Gentoo - Russian hacking tool

      emerge --noreplace eselect-repository
      eselect repository enable monero
      emaint sync -r monero
      echo '*/*::monero ~amd64' >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
      emerge net-p2p/wownero
  • NixOS

      nix-shell -p wownero
  • Ubuntu 18.04/Ubuntu 16.04/Debian 9/Debian 8 (amd64)

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 8BC34ABB48E565F0
      sudo add-apt-repository "deb bionic main"
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install wownero

Packaging for your favorite distribution would be a welcome contribution!

DISCLAIMER: These packages are not part of this repository, and as such, do not go through the same review process to ensure their trustworthiness and security.

Building from Source

  • Docker

      git clone && cd wownero
      docker build -t git-wow:master -m 4g .
      docker run -it -p 34567:34567 -p 34568:34568 -w /home/wownero/build/release/bin git-wow:master bash
  • Arch Linux/Manjaro

      sudo pacman -Syu && sudo pacman -S base-devel cmake boost openssl zeromq libpgm unbound libsodium git libusb systemd
      git clone && cd wownero
      make -j2
  • Debian/Ubuntu

      sudo apt update && sudo apt install build-essential cmake pkg-config libboost-all-dev libssl-dev libzmq3-dev libunbound-dev libsodium-dev libunwind8-dev liblzma-dev libreadline6-dev libldns-dev libexpat1-dev libpgm-dev libhidapi-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler libudev-dev git -y
      git clone && cd wownero
      make -j2

Running Binaries

The build places the binary in bin/ sub-directory within the build directory from which cmake was invoked (repository root by default). To run in the foreground:


To list all available options, run ./bin/wownerod --help. Options can be specified either on the command line or in a configuration file passed by the --config-file argument. To specify an option in the configuration file, add a line with the syntax argumentname=value, where argumentname is the name of the argument without the leading dashes, for example, log-level=1.

To run in background:

./bin/wownerod --log-file wownerod.log --detach

To run as a systemd service, copy wownerod.service to /etc/systemd/system/ and wownerod.conf to /etc/. The example service assumes that the user wownero exists and its home is the data directory specified in the example config.

Once node is synced to network, run the CLI wallet by entering:


Type help in CLI wallet to see standard commands (for advanced options, type help_advanced).

Tor Anonymity Network

  • Install Tor Browser
  • Open torrc file in a text editor ([installation directory]/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc) and add hidden service information as follows:
HiddenServiceDir [installation directory]/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/wow_node
HiddenServiceVersion 3
HiddenServicePort 44568
  • Save torrc file and restart Tor Browser (keep open)
  • Change directory to the wow_node folder, open hostname file, and copy your node's ".onion" address
  • Start wownerod with the following parameters:
./wownerod --tx-proxy tor,,10 --add-peer hdps3qwnusz64r7odvynmae6myc2uyvrsc2emap6636qeuzll72eouid.onion:44568 --anonymous-inbound YOUR_NODE_ADDRESS.onion:44568,,25

Access remote Tor node from CLI wallet

./wownero-wallet-cli --proxy --daemon-address wow7dhbgiljnkspkzpjyy66auegbrye2ptfv4gucgbhireg5rrjza5ad.onion:34568

Use port 9050 instead of 9150 if you installed Tor as a standalone daemon. For more information, check out ANONYMITY_NETWORKS.