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The Android Wallet for Wownero


  • Download the APK for the most current release here and install it
  • Run the App and select "Generate Wallet" to create a new wallet or recover a wallet
  • Advanced users can copy over synced wallet files (all files) onto sdcard in directory Wownerujo (created first time App is started)
  • See the FAQ


Help us translate Monerujo! You can find instructions On Taiga, and if you need help/support, open an issue or contact the Localization Workgroup. You can find us on the freenode channel #monero-translations, also relayed on MatterMost, and matrix/riot.


You may lose all your Wowneroj if you use this App. Be cautious when spending on the mainnet.

Random Notes


  • see & issues on github

Issues / Pitfalls

  • Users of Zenfone MAX & Zenfone 2 Laser (possibly others) MUST use the armeabi-v7a APK as the arm64-v8a build uses hardware AES functionality these models don't have.
  • You should backup your wallet files in the "wownerujo" folder periodically.
  • Also note, that on some devices the backups will only be visible on a PC over USB after a reboot of the device (it's an Android bug/feature)
  • Created wallets on a private testnet are unusable because the restore height is set to that of the "real" testnet. After creating a new wallet, make a new one by recovering from the seed. The official monero client shows the same behaviour.


If you want to build them yourself (recommended) check out the instructions

Then, fire up Android Studio and build the APK.



  • Address: 4AdkPJoxn7JCvAby9szgnt93MSEwdnxdhaASxbTBm6x5dCwmsDep2UYN4FhStDn5i11nsJbpU7oj59ahg8gXb1Mg3viqCuk
  • Viewkey: b1aff2a12191723da0afbe75516f94dd8b068215f6e847d8da57aca5f1f98e0c

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