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SomaticFanatic 5ef0607da6 Update copyright year to 2020
4 years ago
binaryFate 1f2930ce0b Update 2019 copyright
5 years ago
xmr-eric 18216f19dd Update 2018 copyright
6 years ago
Riccardo Spagni 27b477f68d
update last few copyright year references
7 years ago
Riccardo Spagni 287e88283c
remove connectivity tool, comment it out from munin plugins too
8 years ago
Riccardo Spagni de03926850
updated copyright year
9 years ago
Riccardo Spagni f4b69d553a
year updated in license
10 years ago
fluffypony 6fc995fe5d License updated to BSD 3-clause
10 years ago
Antonio Juarez 296ae46ed8 moved all stuff to github
10 years ago