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wowario 1 year ago
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commit 930e6e32a0
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@ -41,26 +41,26 @@ RUN set -ex && \
rm -rf /var/lib/apt
COPY --from=builder /src/build/x86_64-linux-gnu/release/bin /usr/local/bin/
# Create monero user
RUN adduser --system --group --disabled-password monero && \
mkdir -p /wallet /home/monero/.bitmonero && \
chown -R monero:monero /home/monero/.bitmonero && \
chown -R monero:monero /wallet
# Create wownero user
RUN adduser --system --group --disabled-password wownero && \
mkdir -p /wallet /home/wownero/.wownero && \
chown -R wownero:wownero /home/wownero/.wownero && \
chown -R wownero:wownero /wallet
# Contains the blockchain
VOLUME /home/monero/.bitmonero
VOLUME /home/wownero/.wownero
# Generate your wallet via accessing the container and run:
# cd /wallet
# monero-wallet-cli
# wownero-wallet-cli
VOLUME /wallet
EXPOSE 18080
EXPOSE 18081
EXPOSE 34567
EXPOSE 34568
# switch to user monero
USER monero
# switch to user wownero
USER wownero
ENTRYPOINT ["monerod"]
CMD ["--p2p-bind-ip=", "--p2p-bind-port=18080", "--rpc-bind-ip=", "--rpc-bind-port=18081", "--non-interactive", "--confirm-external-bind"]
ENTRYPOINT ["wownerod"]
CMD ["--p2p-bind-ip=", "--p2p-bind-port=34567", "--rpc-bind-ip=", "--rpc-bind-port=34568", "--non-interactive", "--confirm-external-bind"]