The back-end websocket server for wowlet.
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# SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
# Copyright (c) 2020, The Monero Project.
# Copyright (c) 2020,
class WebsocketParse:
async def parser(cmd: str, data=None):
if cmd == "txFiatHistory":
return await WebsocketParse.txFiatHistory(data)
async def txFiatHistory(data=None):
if not data or not isinstance(data, dict):
if "year" not in data or not isinstance(data['year'], int):
if "month" in data and not isinstance(data['month'], int):
year = data.get('year')
month = data.get('month')
from wowlet_backend.tasks.historical_prices import HistoricalPriceTask
return await HistoricalPriceTask.get(year, month)