The back-end websocket server for wowlet.
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# SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
# Copyright (c) 2020, The Monero Project.
# Copyright (c) 2020,
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from typing import List
import settings
from wowlet_backend.utils import httpget
from wowlet_backend.tasks import FeatherTask
class FundingProposalsTask(FeatherTask):
"""Fetch funding proposals made by the community."""
def __init__(self, interval: int = 600):
from wowlet_backend.factory import app
super(FundingProposalsTask, self).__init__(interval)
self._cache_key = "funding_proposals"
self._cache_expiry = self.interval * 1000
# url
self._http_endpoints = {
"xmr": "",
"wow": ""
if settings.COIN_SYMBOL not in self._http_endpoints:
app.logger.warning(f"Missing proposal URL for {settings.COIN_SYMBOL.upper()}, ignoring update task")
self._active = False
self._http_endpoint = self._http_endpoints[settings.COIN_SYMBOL]
if self._http_endpoint.endswith("/"):
self._http_endpoint = self._http_endpoint[:-1]
# websocket
self._websocket_cmd = "funding_proposals"
self._websocket_cmds = {
"xmr": "ccs",
"wow": "wfs"
if settings.COIN_SYMBOL not in self._websocket_cmds:
app.logger.warning(f"Missing websocket cmd for {settings.COIN_SYMBOL.upper()}, ignoring update task")
self._active = False
self._websocket_cmd = self._websocket_cmds[settings.COIN_SYMBOL]
async def task(self):
if settings.COIN_SYMBOL == "xmr":
return await self._xmr()
elif settings.COIN_SYMBOL == "wow":
return await self._wfs()
async def _xmr(self) -> List[dict]:
# CCS API is lacking;
# - API returns more `FUNDING-REQUIRED` proposals than there are on the website
# - API does not allow filtering
# - API sometimes breaks;
# we'll web scrape instead
from wowlet_backend.factory import app
content = await httpget(f"{self._http_endpoint}/funding-required/", json=False)
soup = BeautifulSoup(content, "html.parser")
listings = []
for listing in soup.findAll("a", {"class": "ffs-idea"}):
item = {
"author": listing.find("p", {"class": "author-list"}).text,
"date": listing.find("p", {"class": "date-list"}).text,
"title": listing.find("h3").text,
"raised_amount": float(listing.find("span", {"class": "progress-number-funded"}).text),
"target_amount": float(listing.find("span", {"class": "progress-number-goal"}).text),
"contributors": 0,
"url": f"{self._http_endpoint}{listing.attrs['href']}"
item["percentage_funded"] = item["raised_amount"] * (100 / item["target_amount"])
if item["percentage_funded"] >= 100:
item["percentage_funded"] = 100.0
item["contributors"] = int(listing.find("p", {"class": "contributor"}).text.split(" ")[0])
href = listing.attrs['href']
content = await httpget(f"{self._http_endpoint}{href}", json=False)
soup2 = BeautifulSoup(content, "html.parser")
except Exception as ex:
app.logger.error(f"error parsing ccs HTML page: {ex}")
instructions = soup2.find("div", {"class": "instructions"})
if not instructions:
raise Exception("could not parse div.instructions, page probably broken")
address = instructions.find("p", {"class": "string"}).text
if not address.strip():
raise Exception(f"error fetching ccs HTML: could not parse address")
item["address"] = address.strip()
except Exception as ex:
app.logger.error(f"error parsing ccs address from HTML: {ex}")
except Exception as ex:
app.logger.error(f"error fetching ccs HTML: {ex}")
except Exception as ex:
app.logger.error(f"error parsing a ccs item: {ex}")
return listings
async def _wfs(self) -> List[dict]:
blob = await httpget(f"{self._http_endpoint}/api/1/proposals?offset=0&limit=10&status=2", json=True)
if "data" not in blob:
raise Exception("invalid json response")
listings = []
for p in blob['data']:
item = {
"address": p["addr_donation"],
"url": f"{self._http_endpoint}/proposal/{p['id']}",
"date": p['date_posted'],
"title": p['headline'],
'target_amount': p['funds_target'],
'raised_amount': round(p['funds_target'] / 100 * p['funded_pct'], 2),
'contributors': 0,
'percentage_funded': round(p['funded_pct'], 2),
'author': p['user']
return listings