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dsc abfe22e89c feather-ws -> wowlet-backend 6 months ago
tobtoht 04e10f6d2b Merge pull request 'Add selsta nodes' (#13) from tobtoht/feather-ws:selsta_nodes into master 9 months ago
tobtoht 9f3253b349
Add selsta nodes 9 months ago
tobtoht 4ebf4c6ff3 Merge pull request 'rpc_nodes: add bad node reason' (#11) from tobtoht/feather-ws:bad_node_reason into master 9 months ago
tobtoht e101fa65f8
rpc_nodes: add bad node reason 9 months ago
tobtoht cd6224549e Merge pull request 'Reddit: unescape title' (#10) from tobtoht/feather-ws:reddit_unescape into master 9 months ago
tobtoht 135ff3c2e1
Reddit: unescape title 9 months ago
tobtoht a33d241015 Merge pull request 'rpc_nodes: widen allowed heights' (#8) from tobtoht/feather-ws:widen_offsets into master 9 months ago
tobtoht 6aa143f003 Merge pull request 'Fix nodes json' (#9) from tobtoht/feather-ws:fix_json into master 9 months ago
tobtoht b4b76e7d37
Fix nodes json 9 months ago
tobtoht 26571d306e
rpc_nodes: widen allowed heights 9 months ago
tobtoht d8dd87b056 Merge pull request 'Load nodes from cache' (#7) from tobtoht/feather-ws:load_nodes_cache into master 9 months ago
tobtoht ce40243de4 Load nodes from cache 9 months ago
tobtoht c83ca20610 Merge pull request 'Remove poorly performing / offline nodes' (#6) from tobtoht/feather-ws:update_nodes into master 9 months ago
tobtoht ca1fdfd73a Remove poorly performing / offline nodes 9 months ago
tobtoht f4aa1227ea
Reddit: add permalink 9 months ago
dsc d127825a70 Correctly propogate websocket changes and modify RPC check to invalidate nodes by most common blockheight value 9 months ago
dsc 28fdf41aad Await task HistoricalPriceTask._load() and adjust Dockerfile to expose 9 months ago
tobtoht 134d897b8a Merge pull request 'Feather-ws rewrite' (#5) from feather-ws-rewrite into master 9 months ago
dsc 42bb0c832e Feather-ws rewrite; 9 months ago
tobtoht cb4087dd25
CCS: error handling 10 months ago
tobtoht 6638a273ef Add more .onion nodes 10 months ago
tobtoht ea06a781a6 CCS: use API 10 months ago
tobtoht fe8c6ba241 Load nodes from cache 10 months ago
tobtoht 19bb05a581 Temporarily remove out of sync node 10 months ago
tobtoht 760b525be9 Add Dockerfile 11 months ago
tobtoht 39f5662d09 fapi: provide target_height 11 months ago
tobtoht 5873861862 Add some more settings 11 months ago
tobtoht 3a28a95b55 Add xmr.fail node 11 months ago
dsc 2bf56c64fd Merge pull request 'Add supervisor cfg' (#4) from add-supervisor-cfg into master 11 months ago
dsc 6111cb008a Add supervisor cfg 11 months ago
dsc 38e192ab5a Merge pull request 'Fetch latest XMRig release' (#2) from fetch-xmrig into master 12 months ago
dsc 23d594bcd4 Fetch latest XMRig release 12 months ago
dsc 8f874d84e1 Add cypherpunklabs node 12 months ago
dsc 0bdf978d00 change domain 12 months ago
dsc 559796b4db Add lza's node take 2 12 months ago
dsc 4960c86412 Remove dead nodes 12 months ago
dsc afc7904b4d Another day, another node 12 months ago
tobtoht acf4d80f44 Add more tor nodes 12 months ago
dsc 1924d644a4 Update nodes 12 months ago
dsc 95f23e9192 Add lza's node 12 months ago
dsc fd98c9df82 Merge pull request 'Reddit: fix extra /' (#1) from url_fix into master 12 months ago
tobtoht 21f3c790bf Reddit: fix extra / 12 months ago
dsc 7785d5befe Initial commit 12 months ago