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update README.md 9 months ago
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Merge pull request #10 from fuwa0529/fix-fdroid 10 months ago
  fuwa d27ff15c63 up version 10 months ago
  fuwa 93e8017435 fix build for fdroid 10 months ago
  jw d62434b2a9
Merge pull request #9 from fuwa0529/dev 10 months ago
  fuwa 7598775243 fix build for non nix-shell 10 months ago
  fuwa 77d637aaf1 use wownero 0.8 10 months ago
  fuwa 589e223c4a use flutter stable 11 months ago
  fuwa ffc9aceeae add unbound 11 months ago
  fuwa 87fd4e8bee add bsd3 license to shell.nix 11 months ago
  fuwa e9bc70a26d clean up makefile 11 months ago
  fuwa 95a6ad7ae5 point to the fdroid build script in readme 11 months ago
  fuwa 44dad34fa2 bundle deps 11 months ago
  fuwa a0557ba036 update flutter beta to 1.17 11 months ago
  fuwa a598d517cd update openssl 11 months ago
  fuwa b845c6eee2 use ndk21b 11 months ago
  fuwa c60b82e608 only build daemon 11 months ago
  fuwa 034baa21d2 remove zlib 11 months ago
  fuwa a4cf3bb9de set theme background color 11 months ago
  fuwa 00b12b09a9 add build-bundle task 11 months ago
  fuwa 022ed929dc remove unbound 1 year ago
  fuwa 4386f00f6a use dev-v0.8 1 year ago
  fuwa e2d90dbca9 update wownero build script 1 year ago
  fuwa 73a50151bd add changelog 1 year ago
  jw cc5f0a6882
Merge pull request #7 from fuwa0529/dev 1 year ago
  fuwa cff517b6b0 up version 1 year ago
  fuwa 62edd0c4f9 update openssl 1 year ago
  fuwa b02b5f8bb3 useless clean up using switch 1 year ago
  fuwa c6d6f2984f fix ui lag caused by large tx pool 1 year ago
  fuwa 4e16219f61 fix nullable intent 1 year ago
  fuwa 597b9bdb84 upgrade gradle to 6.3 for jdk13 1 year ago
  fuwa 54ff3cf83c rework resyncing state 1 year ago
  fuwa 03cbfc78f3 use jdk13 1 year ago
  fuwa 48b87fa11f log to /dev/null 1 year ago
  fuwa 14b1d83672 increase terminal buffer size 1 year ago
  jw 647412fb81
Merge pull request #6 from fuwa0529/dev 1 year ago
  fuwa 52867a79d4 up version 1 year ago
  fuwa 4759e76b32 update pub 1 year ago
  fuwa 094417ac68 use linesplitter on stdout 1 year ago
  fuwa a35249348f fix checking for connections 1 year ago
  fuwa 5d850823ca update to flutter beta-1.15.17 1 year ago
  fuwa 5f63666ab7 add a link to fdroid build status 1 year ago
  fuwa fad6080035 use beta channel 1 year ago
  fuwa 12b41c1d54 add libvirt to fdroid.shell 1 year ago
  fuwa 1c61f7c8d5 disable keyboard suggestions 1 year ago
  fuwa deb2d961c4 fix a null switch 1 year ago
  fuwa c31df8bf2f use jdk12 1 year ago
  fuwa e316b7b897 update ndk to r20b 1 year ago
  fuwa e5b1283103 update flutter deps 1 year ago
  fuwa 54baa98ae3 add libvirt for fdroid 1 year ago