WOWlet is a free Wownero desktop wallet
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set -e
7 months ago
9 months ago
mkdir -p "$APPDIR"
mkdir -p "$APPDIR/usr/share/applications/"
mkdir -p "$APPDIR/usr/bin"
cp "$PWD/src/assets/org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop" "$APPDIR/usr/share/applications/org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop"
7 months ago
cp "$PWD/src/assets/images/appicons/64x64.png" "$APPDIR/wowlet.png"
cp "$PWD/build/bin/wowlet" "$APPDIR/usr/bin/wowlet"
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib /linuxdeployqt/squashfs-root/AppRun wowlet.AppDir/usr/share/applications/org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop -bundle-non-qt-libs
find wowlet.AppDir/ -exec touch -h -a -m -t 202101010100.00 {} \;
# Manually create AppImage (reproducibly)
# download runtime
wget -nc
echo "24da8e0e149b7211cbfb00a545189a1101cb18d1f27d4cfc1895837d2c30bc30 runtime-x86_64" | sha256sum -c
mksquashfs wowlet.AppDir wowlet.squashfs -info -root-owned -no-xattrs -noappend -fstime 0
# mksquashfs writes a timestamp to the header
printf '\x00\x00\x00\x00' | dd conv=notrunc of=wowlet.squashfs bs=1 seek=$((0x8))
7 months ago
rm -f wowlet.AppImage
cat runtime-x86_64 >> wowlet.AppImage
cat wowlet.squashfs >> wowlet.AppImage
7 months ago
chmod a+x wowlet.AppImage