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nebula is some scripts nd things to build live linux image for the memes and w0w experiments. Please understand ...I don't know what Im doing. VoidLinux is the base for its easy to use build system and its lightness. Build uses MUSL compiler.. dunno what this means but it sounds stronk. Pull requests welcome!!

some goals

  • easy, cute, safe browsing exp for newbs leik me
  • include meme tools like gimp and inkscape
  • light weight for older systems
  • self building and updating (with enough memory)
  • tools for accepting tips and mining w0w
  • have fun and learn more about linux!

system modifications

  • auto-login to xfce4
  • restrict firewall for safu browsing
  • uses steveblack/hosts file
  • add pyllyukko/user.js to firefox
  • new mac address on network up
  • validate ntp time against https

included software

it'd be nice todo..

  • dockerize image build
  • native wowd and wowlet packages
  • native xmrig package
  • wizard for networks and persistent configs
  • custom grub splash