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  lza_menace 2829d698fa fix up meta tags and loading html 3 months ago
  lza_menace 9428a47537 update graf container name 3 months ago
  lza_menace 2567db144f Event logging/capture (#3) 3 months ago
  lza_menace e8e97c9f1c Add seed restore functionality (#2) 3 months ago
  lza_menace 3a9c13919d add simple makefile 3 months ago
  lza_menace a43fae4a1b remove unused file and adjust lock/unlock balance display 3 months ago
  lza_menace 8620bba0ef add qr code functionality for inputting addresses/amounts 3 months ago
  lza_menace bde7df7f61 use normal pg port 3 months ago
  lza_menace bf20f634b3 simple bypass for soft failure 4 months ago
  lza_menace e195319cdf add some dope ass charts to wallet dashboard 4 months ago
  lza_menace 7f9d5a4f95 remove osx meta files 5 months ago
  lza_menace 9c51cabdfa add wallet cleanup functionality 6 months ago
  lza_menace 46189e716d add env-example and update readme 6 months ago
  lza_menace 4c92bbeae2 wait a sec before deleting 6 months ago
  lza_menace 557c6fe4a9 fix startup script 6 months ago
  lza_menace 1337b06065 remove kib/es from default compose file 6 months ago
  lza_menace 10298ced8f add elasticsearch bypass 6 months ago
  lza_menace cede7269d0 fix up scripts 6 months ago
  lza_menace 3674712998 fix cookie/session issues 6 months ago
  lza_menace a41aa23282 use docker volume based wallet management instead of direct filesystem 6 months ago
  lza_menace cb71927ed3 ship other workaround, 2 sets of daemons 6 months ago
  lza_menace adc44d6e03 ship a container ready setup 6 months ago
  lza_menace f5deb8ef41 get it prod ready 6 months ago
  lza_menace ae98ed0004 set default wallet image to use 6 months ago
  lza_menace c379ae9bc9 add user wallet deletion 6 months ago
  lza_menace 86fd1ecbcc start capturing events into elasticsearch and say so in privacy page 6 months ago
  lza_menace 875897f067 update some frontend html shit 6 months ago
  lza_menace 000e611b14 wiring up transfers and sweeps 6 months ago
  lza_menace bb6997e7a4 refactor container start process, setup wallet secrets 6 months ago
  lza_menace d018d375bc minor template adjustments 6 months ago
  lza_menace 1cecd043e4 integrate docker to wallet creation and connection 6 months ago
  lza_menace e260b8f269 setup docker! 6 months ago
  lza_menace 8324dc3444 major refactor - start shelling out as a prototype to process per user 6 months ago
  lza_menace 549193f0be remove junk lines 7 months ago
  lza_menace 5d15852607 setting up transfers 7 months ago
  lza_menace 215b9410c7 cosmetic updates to wallet, qrcode, formatting, favicon 7 months ago
  lza_menace 3e0cc311f7 improving wallet dashboard page, added transfer table, heights, and balances 7 months ago
  lza_menace fb5e93232a refactoring some blueprints, adjusting static, adding more templates and routes 7 months ago
  lza_menace 59ea26b8f1 implement registration, login, starting wallet dashboard 7 months ago
  lza_menace 561d0155f3 remove old setup script and add new script for generating wownero wallets 7 months ago
  lza_menace bd39e6a0c5 add noty js/css and update register html layout 7 months ago
  lza_menace c638f4c51d fix pg data path 7 months ago
  lza_menace 2cec3498fe fix circular imports 7 months ago
  lza_menace 218500c20c introducing auth blueprints, refactoring app init, setting up forms and sqlalchemy, starting user registration process 7 months ago
  lza_menace f245272796 setup database checks for health page 7 months ago
  lza_menace 784105ddf0 updating about and contact pages 7 months ago
  lza_menace 0d1d3c9506 adding simple db class for db operations 7 months ago
  lza_menace 9c0638da7a commit project thus far 7 months ago
  lza_menace 7b4474175a Initial commit 7 months ago