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  lza_menace 6f4eee3e81 update final atomic unit in templates and upgrade dockerfile os 1 week ago
  lza_menace 8c760ef528 fix atomic unit representation 1 week ago
  lza_menace 238d6073fd fix templates and decimal places 6 months ago
  lza_menace ebcf50376f minor css thing 8 months ago
  lza_menace 761ba883b5 adding utc to block template 8 months ago
  lza_menace 136e4fdb01 add utc string in html template for tx 8 months ago
  lza_menace 50bf259e8d use the .org 9 months ago
  lza_menace 7ed5ea843f put fee math on the proper var 9 months ago
  lza_menace 6823995510 adding debug, accounting for mined/cb txes 9 months ago
  lza_menace 6420022616 fix minor typo in readme 9 months ago
  lza_menace cd00e0b4d6 ignore data dir for traefik tls state 9 months ago
  lza_menace 9946bacd98 revamping readme with all latest info and docker-compose setup with traefik 9 months ago
  lza_menace 0b3e02e022 updating compose file with full traefik config for dev 9 months ago
  lza_menace ae9db86794 use a default cmd to start web server 9 months ago
  lza_menace 8bc2e324d2 streamlining container image builds with hacky dummy file 9 months ago
  lza_menace 16a70c0afa fix tx fee on transaction page 9 months ago
  lza_menace b7f30f880e streamline the container builds and only pick out the compiled binary 9 months ago
  lza_menace 308a0b59e4 adding the docker bits to get ready to serve it for real 9 months ago
  lza_menace 0a7170a08b normalized images and flow on pages 9 months ago
  lza_menace 45d2618f39 allow snake case on struct 9 months ago
  lza_menace e7d7e45df3 fixing tx pool/index and tightening up page content 9 months ago
  lza_menace a2c4739344 improve qr code page and adding more meta to others 9 months ago
  lza_menace 136756c690 updating html skel 9 months ago
  lza_menace a52c0c11b4 minor css adjustments 9 months ago
  lza_menace d2c7d912e6 fixing up functions and trying to clean up code 9 months ago
  lza_menace d8d53b810c adding wallet address view 9 months ago
  lza_menace 6c2dd2dfca app logic and routing 9 months ago
  lza_menace 12ea1038f1 data types and responses from daemon json rpc interface 9 months ago
  lza_menace 2f6600101e adding static and html structure 9 months ago
  lza_menace ae64060e36 rust and project meta 9 months ago